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Ever wondered what our Driving School is all about? Let’s fill you in on the exciting details!

The Sofa Delivery have been revving up their efforts to attract and retain talent, step forward the Driving School. This exciting initiative offers both current team members and external recruits the chance to earn their 7.5t driving licence while mastering the skills needed to become valued installation experts. After graduation, you’ll get ready to shift gears into a permanent driving role with increased pay and rewarding benefits.

Alex Salden - Managing Director

“Driving School has been a fantastic initiative, and something we’re incredibly proud of here at The Sofa Delivery Company. We’re keen to build on its success and widen the net, so this year is all about doing just that.”

Alex Salden, Managing Director, The Sofa Delivery Company

Listen up as some of our Driving School graduates share their stories:

“I was actually the first Driving School graduate! At first, I was very nervous. When I saw the truck I was driving, it was a manual truck and I thought it would be difficult. Turns out it was easier than I thought.

When I passed, I was very pleased and I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so excited to drive the 7.5 tonne truck! Driving School has been an amazing initiative, I’m really glad I had the opportunity to do it. One more step closer to my goals!”

Sean, Edinburgh CDC

Sofa delivery company truck from the back
Sofa delivery company truck from the side

“I was really nervous to take my practical test, but with the help and encouragement from the team around me, I managed to complete it and pass with flying colours.

I’m really proud and grateful for the opportunity. I’d recommend Driving School to anyone who is thinking about progressing their career.”

Kedar, Doncaster CDC

At the Sofa Delivery Company, we truly are focused on creating moments that matter alongside career development for our colleagues. We provide exceptional opportunities for earning more, learning new skills, and reaching new career heights. It’s time to shift gears and get started on the road of growth and success!

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